Thursday, 23 June 2011

Pistol River event

Hi guys,

Just got home from an amazing time in the Gorge and Pistol river. I arrived in the gorge with Muzza on the 10th of June and we had 4 days of amazing sailing at the Hatch before we went to the Pistol event. This year the River in the Gorge was so fast,  my freind and local Bryan Metcalf Perez was saying how he had never seen it so stong. Because it was running so fast this ment as soon as the wind hit 25 knots the swell just kept building. So we had 3 good days with head high waves on the river which was insane.

We headed down to pistol on the Monday and as soon as we arrived we were greeted with 40 knots and head high waves. Not a bad first day really. The next day was the first day of competition which was solid 4.2 weather with chest high waves. Didnt do to well on the first day but came back in the Double to come a respectable 11th place overall. Should hopefully have some picks to come soon . Big thanks to Sam Bittner for the event and cant wait to go back next year.

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