Thursday, 22 March 2012


Hi Guys,

Just booked a last min flight to tenerife. Leave tomorrow and there for a week of hopefully sick sailing. Forecast looks amazing but dont want to jinx it.

pics and vid to come soon



Friday, 16 March 2012

Kit for sale mega cheap!!!

2011 4.2  neilpryde Atlas  £220 ono

2011 4.5 neilpryde Fly  £230 ono
2011 4.8 neilpryde Fly  £240 ono

2011 5.3 neilpryde Firefly  £260 ono 
2011 jp Twinser Quad 74 Pro  £700 ono

Open to offers , contact me on 07840438102 or email me at for more pictures.

Monday, 12 March 2012

New Video

Hey guys,

Just got back from another sick trip to South Africa. This year wasn't the best for wind but we had alot of surfing and partying to keep us occupied. My plans now i am home is to sail at Rhosneigr as often as i can to keep up the training and also work to save some money. Cant wait for the first competition as its always a good one at Rhosneigr especially if we get the strong south westerly gales that Rhossy is famous for.

Also my new teaser video is out from SA, more to come soon. The conditions on the video are by no means "classic Cape Town"  but alot of fun anyway. check it out here

Here are a couple of shots from my trip.



Monday, 13 February 2012

Cape Town

So im half way through the trip now and all i can say is this year has been classic Cape Town. Lots of sailing , Surfing and on occasion having the od beer ;). Been sailing the Goya custom 84 quad most sessions and i am really loving this board. Super good for when it has been 4.7 wobble and ride and still good when its been 4.2 overpowered at Big bay.

Me and Bubble had one of the biggest surfs of the trip at big bay on Saturday. With a 5.4m swell forecast we new it was going to be big everywhere so we went for big bay. Waves were about 10ft in the sets and i can safely say i was Crapping it on a number of the big ones. Had one decent wave and then called it a day after what felt like we both had been paddling for 2 hours solid.

Today the wind was back good enough for 4.5. Still some swell around so was good to get some decent riding back on the cards. Forecast looks good for the next 5 days so hopefully it will stay like that but who knows. Been pretty full on with sailing so hopefully my next session i am going to try get some pictures sorted out :).